Baby Products Review

As a feature of this blog, I will be reviewing baby and parenting items that I commonly see in a family’s home. These reviews are completely biased, not always polite, and come from a lot of personal experience. First up, the 4Moms® MamaRoo®.



Ahhhh, the 4Moms® MamaRoo®… You are all the rage right now. The best thing since sliced bread, the crème de la crème, the must have item of the year!! Every expecting mom has one on their registry and every new mom has one sitting in their house. It’s so sleek (ooh)! And stylish (ahh)! And it can be controlled by an app on your phone(Ooohhh)! What more could you want?!

For those of you who do not know what the MamaRoo® is, let me explain. It looks like an alien pod that you place your baby into and it can move up and down and side to side in five different patterns. It does not take up as much room as a traditional baby swing and it can even play white noise or music from your smartphone. And did I mention, you can control it from an app and not get up to change speed, direction, or noise? Control it from bed!? I understand the appeal, trust me.


In my honest, experienced opinion- this baby swing is more pretty than practical. While their trademarked tagline is, “It moves like you do”, I have found that while it is able to make the same moves as you do- it does so at the speed you would do if you were to swing your baby through the deep end of a pool. It is just not fast and snug enough for the baby to feel calm and secure. Don’t get me started on the mobile that does nothing. Yes, thank you for the developmentally appropriate black and white vs. color sides, but that is where the excitement ends.

Every day, I see many moms trying to resell these on local mothers groups. “Barely Used!” “Brand New!”, Yeah, no sh*t it’s barely used. You tried to use it a few times to get your very cranky infant to sleep and found that it did not work. No one wants a swing to keep their child awake in (which is the only time I’ve seen this work), people want a swing to calm a crying baby because their arms are tired and they’d like the baby to fall asleep somewhere other than their limbs. When I go into a home, it has usually become a holding pod for blankets and swaddles. It works great as a sound machine, but who wants a $280 white noise machine?! (Yes, this contraption is $280…)

Take it from me, stick to the old fashioned (albeit uglier) swings. They’re more powerful, snugglier, and do the trick 90% of the time. Some babies just do not like swings and that’s fine too. For you kiddos, there are bouncers and vibrating chairs that are magnificent (we’ll get to those in other reviews).

I would love to hear your experiences with the MamaRoo®. Disagree wholeheartedly? Great! Let me know!


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