Bringing food to a friend who just had a baby? Follow these rules.

Your friend just had a baby and you think to yourself, I’m gonna go and get me some baby snuggles, but I should be the greatest friend there ever was and bring something with me.

A. You’re way ahead of the game for even thinking of bringing something along to help the family (and if you need some ideas, look no further than here), but B. there are some things that visitors often don’t think of when visiting a new family.

So, to make sure you get invited back again, follow the simple rules below.

  1. Bring food in something disposable so that no one has to worry about getting your Tupperware/ bakeware back to you. That is the last thing a new mom needs to keep track of!
  1. One handed foods and snacks are THE BEST. Even if they are store bought! Don’t forget things like KIND bars, fruit, muffins, veggie sticks, or trader joes snacks. These are all great options. A new mama, especially a breastfeeding one, needs to keep up her caloric intake and do it one-handed most of the time! Something easy to keep bedside for middle-of-the-night feedings are helpful as well.
  1. Stay away from spicy, gassy, and dairy. The biggest culprits are usually cheese and gassy veggies such as cauliflower, broccoli, and beans.
  1. Don’t forget the siblings! If this is not the couples first child, you may want to pick up some easy to eat items that kids love. Parents of a new baby often forget they have to feed their older child too!
  1. Offer to go grocery shopping. Have the new parents send you a list and just do their shopping for them. Getting out of the house to go grocery shopping is a daunting task, especially when one parent has already gone back to work. It will be greatly appreciated.
  1. Drop off and GO. The time to visit may be another day, week, or even month later. Better yet, if you’re a mom organizing meal drop-offs for after your baby is born, leave a cooler on your front stoop. Have people drop the food and walk away- don’t even invite them in! This is a time for kindness and generosity and really listening to the new parents wishes.


Have some other rules you wish people knew before coming over? Let us know in the comments below!


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