Sorry, baby.

Dear New Baby,

I’m so sad for you. That this is the world you’ve been born into. There is too much hate and violence. People are dying senselessly every day, frequently at the hand of another person. Families are being forced to leave their homes with nowhere to go, often times losing each other along the way. Mysterious diseases are popping up and not going away. Old diseases are getting stronger or, in some cases, coming back. Mass murders and terrorism are the norm, everyone is in debt of some sort, people are still starving (why haven’t we figured this one out yet?), prejudice is still prevailing (again, why?), and on top of it all, the earth is melting!

This is no world I would want

to give to you, baby.

And yet, we have and we continue to bring children into this debacle daily. Why?


Because you, baby, are the only way to fix this.

You bring joy where there is sadness, hope where there is none, and laughter where there are only tears.

I have to have faith that the “grown-ups” of this world will find solutions before you are old enough to have to worry, but chances are they won’t. So, it is our job as “grown-ups” to tell you stories of love and kindness. To act and react with understanding and openness. It is our job as “grown-ups” to show you, baby, to accept others as they are. That all beings, big and small, matter. That you can make a difference in the world, and the world undoubtedly needs you to.

This is a tough world you’ve been born into – certainly not one I would wish upon you – but there is a lot of good in it, too. We must remember to surround you, baby, with stories and actions of warmth and peace. Because change may or may not happen with the “grown-ups” of today, but it is our duty to promote change and love in the “grown-ups” of tomorrow.

Love always,



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